Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Annual Industry Delegation to THATCHAM 2007...

The following week I led an industry delegation to THATCHAM, I was already waiting for them in London. The delegation included professionals from the automotive sectors (perodua), general insurance sector (Kurnia, AmInsurance, UniAsia etc), bodyshop/repairers, adjusters and the CEO of PUSPAKOM YBhg Dato' Salamat Wahit himself. There were 22 participants. They were taken to visit Groupama the largest French based general insurer at Portsmouth, a collision bodyshop, a bodyshop in London, the ancient Lloyds (mecca of the insurance industry) of London, and most importantly, a 3 day training session with Motordata Research Consortium (MRC)'s partner, THATCHAM or the motor insurance repair research centre in thatcham, newbury, west berkshire, Reading, UK. THATCHAM is funded by the association of british insurers whose main mission is to contain the cost of claims to general insurers by researching the repairability and damageability of vehicles in a collision.
THATCHAM is, like MRC, a member or RCAR (the global Research Council for Automobile Repairs). Oh ya, I am also a candidate in running, for the coming election of a new secretary-general of RCAR for a period of 3 years. The other 2 candidates are from Canada. Enjoy some of the pix of that visit...hihi

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