Thursday, January 01, 2009

...2009:between hype & reality?

Hah...I better believe it first...yes it is 1.1.2009 today. I was supposed to have joined my frens celebrating new year's eve at country heights damansara lastnite, but I didn't. Its a long story. No, seriously, I just felt like having a quiet dinner at home and just watch Astro movies. You know the clock has struck 12 midnite when you hear the fireworks all around hehehe. If you're lost for resolutions (mine always, trying to fulfil previous years' wannados...hahaha) go read some interesting trends for 2009 here before you firm up yours (resolutions I mean hehe). Try to balance between hype and reality, ok folks?


Wadi: said...


Happy Gregorian 2009! Reality is reality. Hype does not warrant a reality! :)


Khaeruddin Sudharmin said...

ya ya I forgot its a gregorian year 2009 tq. hehe. Hype can be reality, and reality can be a hype. A hype is a hype yes, reality is reality iz oso correct meh? (evil wink). depends which side of the glass you're in...hehe...lets not confuse ourselves early in the year hahaha. happy new year to you too bro...