Thursday, January 08, 2009

Andrea Hirata's Rainbow Soldiers, The Movie...

Ok ok enough of heavy stuff for awhile. I was tempted to make comments on what's going on, on the Gaza strip but that can wait heheh. The whole world's oredi talking soo much about it anyway, so let me share with you instead... something philsophical yet simple, powerful and is making lots of young people in Indonesia cry, when they watch it. Yes, I am talking about this new movie from Andrea Hirata's (see here) novel "Laskar Pelangi" (Rainbow Soldiers). I was introduced to it by one of my MBA students (Neneng Widaningrum Ema Rochima from Jogja... OMG such a long name..but one can trace her geneology from the name ... hehe) at Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) Surabaya. She texted to wish me a happy new year and over yahoo messenger not so long ago, told me about Andrea Hirata. So I quickly googled, and checked out youtube and read the reviews and saw the trailer. Its an awesome movie. The DVD is not available yet, I was told. If you can spare the time, go read the novel and you'll come across lines like "...jangan pernah menyerah kalah...menggapai asa ditengah penderitaan..." and I like this one "...memberikan setitik cahaya ditengah kegelapan, dan secercah harapan, didalam keputus-asaan..." Go checkitout folks...hehe.

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