Saturday, January 03, 2009

...oh no..not economics & watchdogs again? hehe

Tan Sri Lin See Yan's (former BNM Deputy Governor) views in today's The Star, is interesting read. The old man is still sharp. I last chatted with him and YAB Tun Ahmad Sarji at the lounge of Manila Airport after attending the AIM Alumni Reunion year before last. We bumped occasionally at ASLI Summits or when I get invited to free dinners at Harvard Alumni-dos (heheh). Being an economist, his views do not depart much from the general concensus and the fact he reiterates that the economy is going to get worse... wah.... sends chills down my spine.. hahaha. I just hope the unit trust people did not wipe out too much of my EPF. To be fair, earlier on some of them did make some 40% profit (kata dier oranglah hehehe). Of course they didn't tell me they oredi deducted upfront their commission (evil wink).

As the new year begins (3rd day today) I spoke or texted a few close frens especially those that somehow or rather, seemed different, unmotivated, rather quiet. I was wondering why. Whoala, when I jolok, haha..keluar semua yang terbuku di hati. This particular fren (we always call each other cousin BL..haha) laments his frustration for not being made a full professor yet! Relax my fren...I am sure it's coming soon bro (wink). Then, another old fren leaves MSWG. Errol's comments (see below) also in the Star today... in some ways, gives tribute to my fren's contributions to the Minority Shareholder Watchdog Group (MSWG). Thanks for dropping by my blog folks, and do make sure you have got all your stuff for your school-going kids (if you still have lah...hahaha). My second daughter will be in Form 5 and my son (the youngest child) will be in Standard 6. Do make the most of the rest of the weekend!...

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