Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Inaugural Public Lecture...

This afternoon at 3 pm (august 25) I took time off, to listen to my friend's (Professor Rajah Rasiah who also just lost his dad) Syarahan Perdana (inaugural lecture) at Dewan Kuliah 3, Faculty of Economics& Administration, Universiti Malaya. The lecture was entitled 'Learning & Innovation in the Automotive Firms in Brazil, India & South Africa: The role of Institutions in Technological Capacity Building'.
This inaugural lecture examines the strength and the relationship betwen the embedding systemic and institutional support and firm-level technological capabilities in Brazil, India and South Africa. Despite Brazil and South Africa enjoying stronger exposure to extenal markets, firms in these countries enjoyed slightly lower technological capabilities than those of India. Stronger Human Capital endowments and network cohesion have helped firms in India to offset a lack of integration in external markets to drive higher technological capabilities than firms in Brazil and South Africa. The systemic pillars, export-intensity and foreign ownership are positively correlated with firm-level technological capabilities, R&D and human resource practices and R&D respectively.
The seminal contributions of the lecture, according to professor Rajah Rasiah, are:
- a new model to examine firm-level technological capabilities and their relationship with four system pillars;
- an advancement in the methodology for evaluating technological capabilities; and
- a policy instrment for assisting latecomers to promote dynamic clustering.
Sorry folks if that was rather heavy...heheh. Well, that's what you will be looking at, if you're planning to do your PhD in the economics of technology innovation...hahaha

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