Tuesday, August 19, 2008

making a difference?...

Yesterday I took out all the calling cards gathered during the recent corporate secretary conference that I chaired and I thought, while everyone's memory is still fresh, why not write a note to them...and here it is that email that I sent out....(see red below). I hope it made a difference. Well, ermmm from the immediate spontaneous responses from a few and very encouraging remarks indeed...from some others, I felt bloody good. If I can make someone smile..that would be a reward in itself...hehe

Hi Everyone, Greetings from Kuala Lumpur!

I hope everyone got home safely. I know its not easy to keep in touch. Usually when a conference is over we can't remember who we met or where we kept the business cards! hahaha. That's a given. However I like to change all that because I remembered reading this anecdote from 'The Art of Possibility' by Rosamund & Benjamin Zander published by The Harvard Business Press. It's about a young girl throwing back starfishes into the ocean one by one in sort of a dancing repetitive motion. While she was doing that a man came over and said to her. Why are you wasting your time on this futile effort? There are millions of these starfish all along the beach. It would be impossible for you to throw all of them back into the ocean and it would not make any difference anyway. You know what the little girl said? As she picked up another starfish and swing it into the ocean in a ballet like manner...she said to him...it does make a difference, to this one!....

have a great day!

and please, if you like, do keep in touch.

with warmest regards


-- "A Balance Sheet is like a bikini. What is revealed is interesting but what is concealed, is even more vital"

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