Saturday, August 09, 2008

filial responsibility vs unfathomed passions...???

when u travel, interesting things can happen, u meet interesting people and new learnings too. what i dread most especially on long haul flights is when you're seated to a cry baby! ish...luckily last night that family from muscat, oman got down at brisbane. that was their final destination after a really really long flight from their home at muscat. poor baby...he seems to be shrieking on take0ff and on landing. but this bloody australians typically loud after a few glasses of freeflow wines on MH...suddenly blurted out...hey cool it're making me nervous he said...owh shit...on hearing that...i too got nervous hahaha. well, i am safely back home in KL now...ermmm not exactly...hehe i just arrived in kuantan for my niece's wedding...i promised to attend which meant that I had to skip the sch of economics (UMS) graduate school retreat at tuaran beach resort kota kinabalu. it was to be a weekend affair 8-10 august. they have invited me to be in the evaluation committee to provide industry input and comment on the curriculum of their new MBA and MA in human capital management programs.
in my earlier blog i said i was going to tell u about this sydney cab (taxi) driver? yeah..huge built fellow of indian origin, doesn't look like a taxi driver at all and i was right in my judgment of people. he has a mining engineering degree from india, has 2 masters one a MBA from charles stutt and a MSc in IT also from an aussie uni. He is 35, they just got a baby. The wife is not working, He quit (that was what he said) his reasonably comfortable salary as sales manager of a large IT systems integrator in Sydney. In the current turbulent times...he was only 5 mil ozzie dollars short of the AUS30mil target set...which to me, was quite a feat that he had achieved, considering the circumstances and the economic scenario. we had an interesting reality check chat on the way to the airport. sometimes in life, one has to bite the bullet...the road to success is always often paved with dissapointments. you should read the new book (reviewed in the edge financial daily) about a journalist who took off 2 years to get the coveted harvard MBA degree....if i tell u what its all about...i'd be taking the fun away from your reading wouldn't i? hehe enjoy the rest of the weekend folks...

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