Wednesday, July 30, 2008

mind masturbation....(MM)

Heh...sorry for that rather provocative, perhaps intimidating and somewhat bluish well..yellow for the color blind...title of my blogpost today. Its the mental mode and drive I am in right now. Suddenly there are soo many papers to write, a few speaking engagements...hmmm a good problem actually. I have been invited to speak for the 3rd consecutive year, at the International Quality Symposium 2008, at the brand new Garden Hotel, MidValley. Have been asked to speak on crisis management(huh?). Last night I was thinking how to put some oomph in the topic and I decided it should read: "Crisis Management: a hopeful oasis or a devious mirage?". That should attract the crowd hehe, especially when your speaking is slotted during the 'graveyard shift' haha. Then I need to do some more research before I get caught with my pants down when I speak with van ratingen, secretary-general of EuroNCAP at IBIS Australia 2008 next week on Technology - Vehicle Safety Systems And Their Impact On Repairability...hehe. Then I remembered, omg...there's another one at Hotel Istana August 12-13 by Marcus&Evans 'Maintaining Transparency In Your Organization by Propounding Corporate Disclosure Policies..' (whatever that means! hahaha). Then I got a call from the School of Economics, Universiti Malaysia Sabah informing me that I have been selected as one of the industry/practice external reviewer/assessor to look at their new MBA program curriculum. There was to be a postgrad group retreat at Kundasang about an hour and a half away from Kota Kinabalu but that was initially scheduled on August 8 but has been changed now I was told. Thank gawd, cos I would just only be flying back from Sydney on that day! There's plenty more on the plate actually..the national agenda proposal to treasury, 3 position papers for the coming annual Research Council for Automobile Repairs (RCAR) meeting in Paris in September et al...which I am still working on... bla bla bla... ok ok I shall not bore you further with my itinerary and 'classified projects' hehe but I do look forward to the grande finale of my speaking engagements for the year...hehe...ermm in Cairo, I think, sometime early November izzit? hehe. Yezzez yes yes my brain has had a damn good exercise! (MM anyone? hahahaha)..enjoy the rest of the week folks!....

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