Friday, July 25, 2008

the Asia HRD Congress 2008, Jakarta Convention Center, Indonesia, July 22-24

Chairing a concurrent plenary session entitled 'Talent Management' by Prakash Rohera, Director of TheRedwoodEdge, India ...he didn't like it when I was bloody assertive and shot him down to finish at exactly at 3pm Jakarta time..hahaha. Otherwise he is nice fellow...I obliged when he wanted to do some exercise with the delegates before his presentation proper (typical trainer! bah)

CEO Forum II at 5pm on day one. Panelist included yours truly, Bapak Kasmuri, Prakash and Hasnah (HR Director Proton Holdings Berhad)

Ole frens. Roslan (Principal Sime Darby Business School), Dr Palan (Chairman SMR Group) & Bapak Hj Zulkifli Baharom (the strategist behind HRD Asia Congress 2008)...

Roslan Razak smiling showing off his HRD Award insisting that I capture the moment with none other than THE Dato' Lokman Musa or lebih dikenali dengan nama manja Dale...hehe

It's 1 AM in the morning. Just got home. Thought my regular fans would like to know where I have been and what I have ben up to. There you are, some photos of my 2nd trip to Jakarta in a month! Will share some more photos later..In the meantime, I do need some sleep ok? Which reminds me of that pickup line script in the movie 'Ironman'. Did you watch the movie? There was this scee when a dropdeadgorgeous journalist ws trying to catch a moment with JOhn Stark of Stark Industries. She finally managed to corner him. And this is how the script goes: John're a very busy man, themost important man in America as far as the military & defence sector are concerned (something like thatlah)...she went on to're a workaholic...don't you evcr sleep at all? and you know what John Stark replied? ..'I wouldn't mind a few hours with you!'..... hehe...nanait folks...I do need some rest ok?


Lukisan Alam said...

pakcik.. ehehehe.. makin lama surf blog pakcik, makin seronok.. mcm naik roller, silap! mcm g water park..

pakcik tau tak, saya rasa memang patut orang2 di luar sana baca blog pakcik ni.. sebabnya...boleh jadi ubat awet muda!!!.. ahaksss.... asyik ketawa aje.

pakcik sihat ye? lama juga saya tak 'jengok' pakcik ni.. btul pakcik kata.. banyak blog yg serius, berunsur politik, berunsur... apa2 jela yg serius. but, blog peribadi yg mcm ni amat payah nk jumpa. paling tidak pun yg saya selalu jumpa jenaka yg kebudak2an,tak matang, atau... 'blue'.. alamak, bocor rahsia den!!... ehehehhehehe.

saya kena banyak stadi lagi dengan pakcik ni.. dari blog ni aje saya dapat kutip macam2 ilmu dari pakcik indirectly.. ehehehe,halalkan saya ye pakcik...

Khaeruddin Sudharmin said...

tenkiu tenkiu. please...learn as much as you can...many there are those that they don't teach you at harvard..hehe. if u like it please tell others...if u don't please tell me hehe ( skrip HSBC jerk? hahaha). very kind of u to drop by is your masters (LLM) degree coming along? when are u graduating?