Thursday, July 10, 2008

exploring uncommon business...?

You may be wondering what the hell I am doing in Jakarta when oil prices are climbing steadily to perhaps US200 per barrel before the end of 2008? hehe ok ok no economic coffeeshop projections babble today. We had dinner with Bapak Prodjo Djajanto, President Director BP Telecommunications lastnight at Sari Pacific Hotel, Jl Thamrin Jakarta. I can't, unfotunately, describe in greater details what transpired. It is highly classified. If I tell you, I may have to make arrangements to exterminate you! hahaha.. Ya right...bla bla bla. Jakarta network, celfon systems seems to be down yesterday from about 6pm to about 10pm. No text messages in or out were available during that period. Which resulted in alot of inconveniences and disrupted appointments. Sarina, the next door shopping centre seemd to be having a DDG(drop-dead gorgeous) sales up to 70% off but...hmm the crowd just wasn't there. Signs of bad times ahead, I hope not, perhaps? oh ok ok no speculations...sorry! Gotta go, am blogging at the lobby of Sari Pan Pacific waiting for Bapak Taj Daniel to pass me a set of books for Bapak Fariz...hehe.

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