Wednesday, February 13, 2008

...the other 90%

Nothing interesting or exciting really...these last few days...except for today's announcement of the dissolution of cabinet by the prime minister....heheh, Cooper (author of 'the other 90%') tells us that the four (4) keystones of human fulfilment are: trust, energy, farsightedness and nerve. And that we have three (3) brains (gut, heart and mind). He said, we only use ten (10) percent of our potential in the course of a lifetime. He shares a poem for his and other's children:

" lead by example,

love as if you will live forever,

work as if you have no need for money,

dream as if no one can say no,

have fun as if you never have to grow up,

sing as if no one else is listening,

care as if everything depends on your caring,

and raise a banner where a banner never flew."

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