Saturday, February 23, 2008

of lessons (in) or (to) court?

Last week February 18, I was called to testify for the second time at the Appeals Court, Palace of Justice Putrajaya. I had a valuable lesson in court. The presiding judge screwed me up hahaha for responding with open-ended answers (well...I was reminded to speak less, just say yes or no, and not introduce any new infomation that could delay submissions by both plaintiff & defendant...hahaha). I learnt my lesson alright. I have great respect for this judge. Very English, very dignified, knows his stuff, exudes an aura of great wisdom. I saw him ticked off some rookie lawyers at another court hahaha not realising that eventually I got the same bashing from His Lordship! I was probably trying to apply the new malay legal term 'melinggam' (yang bermaksud menidakkan kebenaran walaupun setelah dikemukakan dengan bukti) hahahaha....

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