Tuesday, February 05, 2008

...of sand-birdies

heheh...I think the foto above deserves some explanation for non-golfers. Yesterday I was invited to play golf with Labuan Re CEO, Best Re CEO (emirates) and another golfer. We were at the 16th hole (Par 3). My first shot landed in the bunker (the sand trap behind me). My 2nd shot as I sand-wedged the golf ball out of the bunker...it rolled onto the green and whoala! right into the hole! In golf, if you get the ball into the hole in 2 shots, that's called a birdie shot. In my case, the shot came from the bunker or the sand trap...that's why it's called a sand-birdie...heheh. Even Tiger Woods don't get to do that often...I am not even sure if he has experienced it (perhaps he has...hihi). Majid, CEO of Labuan Re,took that historic shot with his pearl blackberry...heheh

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