Tuesday, January 29, 2008

...of oxtail stew and banana apple crumble...ermmm yummy

The general counsel & company secretary of UOB Bank told me that TopHat restaurant at Kia Peng had one of the best oxtail stews in town. After several failed appointments (hahaha) we managed to check it out today. Maria Danker, the owner was there to greet us. I have not been there for quite sometime now. Must go back there again. They always have great food. Ya Ya and I forgot to capture that great stew with my new toy LG KU990 viewty camera phone (5MPixels)..hahaha. But just the same, in order not to disapoint you...enjoy the desserts we had hahaha. I had my favorite apple banana crumble with vanilla ice-cream while my host had that ermm chocolatey whatever it was with orange ice-cream topping...heheh. Met another general counsel & cosec of another public-listed company there as well...hihi.


sheida_didi said...

I myself has not been there.... but my son has last week for his friend's birthday party! Celebrating 13 years of age at TopHats??? Wow, kids nowadays are way too classy to handle!

Khaeruddin Sudharmin said...

yup...kids today...tell me abaurit...they have almost everythg they want from designer clothes, handphones to classy restaurants...aren't we the ones spoiling them? heheh

Anonymous said...

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