Monday, January 07, 2008

...of aneroxia inertia

I just got back into the office after having been away from it most of december 2007. I am what you may call, suffering from that globally common disease called 'aneroxia inertia'. No, no..not aneroxia nervosa...that's the one Catherine Carpenter died off! Mine is from Newton's First Law of physics. Inertia. Defined as 'the tendency of a body to stay at rest or continue its state of motion'. I find it really awful and difficult to get out of bed and come to work this morning. That's bad. Really bad... man. I don't think there is such a word aneroxia inertia' heheh...I just concocted it...hihi. Remember that old adage 'Familiarity breeds contempt?'. Or the euphemism 'Same shit different day?' Ya ya...we've all gone through those processes. But really, this rather lethargic mood is not good for the new year! Absolutely not good at all.... I hope the drive, motivation, excitement, will come back in a few day's time or else I am really in trouble! Cheers...I hope you all had a great start for the week!!

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