Tuesday, January 22, 2008

...of strategy & spin jobs...hahaha

This morning Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) or Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM) launched their e-lodgement services (whatever that means...hahaha). Well, to me it simply means doing stuff lodging your company information to CCM via the internet. So you can actually now do your returns in the comfort of your bedroom on your notebook without coming to the office? ya rite...you think your companies will allow that? hmmm. Anyway, the notion of being virtual, being ubiquotuous -to use the ICT lingo, is still far-fetched if you really look deep into the real practices of companies in Malaysia. I stand corrected though, heheh. You know what's the problem? that's because alot of people still must see the hardcopy, still insist on printing documents, don't trust the softcopy...must feel the paper and hmmm thus contributing or lemme put it another way, the main culprits for the perennial cutting down of trees...hahaha! Overall, I hear comments that the do was a great spin job...heheh.
I had planned to arrive just before the minister but unfortunately I arrived at 10.35 am and as soon as I took the escalator to level one of the sime darby convention centre, the VIP entourage just walked out of the holding room on the way to the main hall. I stood by the door, shooked hands with Datuk Johan Raslan chairman of PwC and Moidunny president of MAICSA and I wallked with all of them trailing behind the minister (YBhg Datuk Shafie Afdal). I got a great seat behind the minister and seated on my left was Dr Nordin executive director of the Malaysian Accounting Standards Board and Moidunny on my right....hahaha. The rest is history. Not a bad strategy arriving slightly later than the minister...hahaha so much for strategy and spin jobs!!

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