Sunday, January 06, 2008 putri kepada Datuk Syed Mansor & Datin Mahani

Although it was a rather lengthy thank you speech last night YBhg Datuk Mansor, but nevertheless it was full of exhiliration...excitement, pride, joy, and most entertaining...I didn't know you had a bagful of great ethnic jokes? hahaha...I am sure there were more but you restricted it to just the Kedahans, Kelantanese and the Sarawakians....hahaha. Datuk Mansur & Datin had alerted us of their 2nd daughter's wedding months ago when we were attending another wedding at Felda Perdana Ballroom. Datuk is the founder and tauke of ADABI group of companies while Datin was my wife's colleague when she was at Textbook Division, Ministry of Education Malaysia. The wedding held at KL Hilton was also a good moment to catch up on old long lost friends of my wife (especially her former bosses at the Ministry heheh). Met with Encik Haniff and his wife (mafia sitiawan together with hj safiee and Tan Sri Abdullah Ayub as he puts it...hahaha), Encik Rusli Ruzikin (former Selangor Education Director & last post was School Inspectorate Chief prior to retirement) & wife, Tuan Haji Nordin (former deputy Dir-Gen) & Hajjah, Datuk Zahari & Datin, Datuk Rauf (former deputy Dir-Gen now Chairman SPP) & Datin, Datuk Hasan Harun ex-KUB chairman, Datuk Nik Ibrahim former Bank Pembangunan CEO. The food was great, the entertain excellent! The entertainers (Jay Jay, Salimah Mahmood & Datuk Daud Kilau...entertained various generations! hahaha). Of course, I was more inclined to appreciate Rindu Bayangan & Kenangan Lalu by Jay Jay...eheh heh (gelakgatal or naughty chuckle). Oh ya, just before leaving I caught up with Najib Abdullah, group MD of MIDF who was seated at the high table. He is the bride's current big boss..heheh. Last night was our first wedding invitation for 2008 and definitely not the last. I look forward to another black-tie wedding function at Marriott Putrajaya on the 26th heheh... You know your retirement is approaching swiftly and surely, when you get lots of invitations for your friend's sons or daughters' weddings!!! hahahahaha
Just read my horoscope a moment ago and it says: you are your own worst critic at times. Not every creative work or meal that you cook can be a prize winning effort, so chill out, relax and just enjoy what you're doing. If others don't like it, it's their problem. hmmmm....

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