Sunday, October 21, 2007

of space travellers,past prime ministers and lawyers..heehee

Just saw the prime news on tele. Nice close to the weekend. Dr Muszhapar has landed in central asia about 500 km(?) from the expected drop. Tun Mahathir is out of IJN and is at home with his daughter Datuk Paduka Marina. I have this table calendar tingy which could be used perrennially or in perpetuity sort of...its called 'suara hati dr mahathir mohammad, published by karya impian sdn bhd (undated) courtesy of Tuan Haji Zulkifly Baharom honorary secretary AIM alumni club in malaysia and formerly director of training, MAS Academy. It's not just a table calendar but each page is adorned with quotations of Yang Amat Bahagia Tun throughout his political career well, mostly when he was prime minister. This one is interesting. Something he said during Perhimpunan Agung Tahunan Pemuda UMNO dan Wanita UMNO, 30 Jun 1977 : 'Persahabatan di kalangan manusia cuma berlaku kerana tidak semua daripada perasaan antara dua sahabat didedah kepada satu sama lain. Biasanya, perasaan yng baik dilahirkan dan yang buruk disembunyikan. Jika kebencian terhadap sesuatu tabiat atau perbuatan kawan diberitahu kepadanya, persahabatan itu tidak akan kekal. Sudah tentu kalau perasaan yang buruk terhadap musuh dilahirkan sepanjang masa, permusuhan akan bertambah dan pemulihan tidak akan berlaku.' Those wise words has applicability not just in politics but in our everyday lives both corporate and personal. for thought. Translated, it simply means that friendship only exist because not all of our feelings about each other are divulged. Only the good ones are told and reenforced, but the not soo good ones are concealed. If you tell your friend you hate some of his doings or bad behaviour, that friendship will not last. More so, if you reenforce or reasserts ill feeling towards your enemies, continuously, the rivalry will enhance and reconcilation will never occur.

Having quoted Tun, what really caught my attention and getting a bit more worried than usual is today's new sunday times headlines: '92 lawyers get the axe'...i shall not repeat the details here...I guess most people have probably read it too. Wishing you guys a great week ahead....

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