Saturday, October 20, 2007

Asian Institute of Management (AIM) Alumni Club in Malaysia Raya Lunch @Smokehouse Kuala lumpur...

Just about 7 hours ago the asian institute of management (AIM) alumni club in malaysia had their raya lunch cum AGM at the kuala lumpur smokehouse at jalan mayang off jalan yap kwan seng, kuala lumpur. cool place! hmmm the typical english tudor house settings and ambience...wuz ermm nostalgic...well...make you feel that or mistaken you to be at the ye 'ole smokehouse way up fraser's hill or cameron's highland. a perfect sanctuary, cosy peaceful and perfect for that quick strategic planning finishing touches before you present it to the prime minister! am not promoting, i am not getting any commision..hahaha juz my candid reaction to the place. great food ...i can tell you i loved that sirloin steak (medium well) I had for lunch this afternoon. heheh.
ok ok...spotted at the do was none other than airasia's chairman, datuk pahamin rejab, the guest of honour was his excellency phillipine ambassador victoriano m lecaros. my good fren prof albert m ladores, the lovable filipino professor who has malaysian son-in-laws and have resided here no less that 22 years!, of course there was tuan haji zul the honorary secretary, datuk annas the president, MA Ismail and his wife Sharifah Alkaff, Effie, Li Dong, Wak Sukardi, transparency international ED richard yeoh, datuk sharifah mohd ismail president of institute of marketing malaysia, datuk dr mohd yusof ahmad former director-general of Institute of International diplomacy, ministry of foreign affairs and until just recently was our ambassador to spain and is now a fellow at the centre for ASEAN studies, UITM with his lovely Iranian datin hihi. Of course of course...not forgetting too other 'lentil professors' roselina, managing director of UMSLink holdings Sdn bhd universiti malaysia sabah and professor fauzi, dean of economics universiti kebangsaan malaysia....there were of course other aim alumnus but too many to list them down...hahaha sorry guys!!

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