Sunday, October 21, 2007

of boutique vineyards, last nasi dagangs & last samurais....hahaha

When i woke up this! what a pleasant surprise!!! exhilirating actually, for want of a better word... less it denotes an understatement, hihi ... a feeling one seldom experience...nothing great really but watching the fruits of your very sweet (although i have not tasted the grapes yet!!! hahaha). i was told by the chinamen who gave us the seedlings to test out, and that locally grown grape variants will not be as sweet as those one might savior at the glamorous vineyards of the rhine valley (hmmm reminds me of those frankfurt book fair trips in the late 80s hahaha...we never fail to stop by Rudersheim...the first quiant little german village...our embarkation point for the rhine cruise..heheh).
aah yes...another pleasant moment...the unscheduled visit of the last samurai! @hereditary keeper of elephant balls!!! (alah...batu gajah lerr..) hahaha. Aminuddin, Hanida and their the one Hanida is carrying (heheh) visited us last night at about 10 pm. It was a pleasant surprise, although my wife was tired entertaining her ministry and former colleagues when she was principal of 2 secondary schools, and a lorryload of my two girls' (nadia and nazliza) frens...hahaha. I came back earlier than planned, after the AIM raya lunch. I actually went to tan sri abu zahar's open house but since it was raining cats&dogs, no parking for miles gawd...the number of guests streaming in...i thot hmmm... are we having a wedding function here?, at the height of that rain i decided to just go home. i will make it up to tan sri later on...heheh. coming back to hanida and amin...heheh...appararently they were in the neighbourhood visiting their 'sedare mare' and hanida text me if its ok for them to drop by...and i said...of course...anyone visiting us is always welcomed..hihi. Enjoy the remaining sunday folks...ciao...

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