Wednesday, October 10, 2007

of leading clever people and the great exodus...hahaha

I just read Dr Palan's enewsletter. I have extracted and pasted here an interesting stuff he wrote in that newsletter:

Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones identify several things we need to know about
leading clever people. It is essential to know the characteristics cleverest people
share; these collectively make them a difficult crew to manage.

They know their worth..
They are organisationally savvy.
They ignore corporate hierarchy.
They expect instant access.
They have good networks and are well connected
They are bored easily.
They won't thank you and assume they know most of the things.
They are results oriented.

He is not far from the truth. Same issues and problems managing and leading academics at universities. That's why the collegial approach is adopted in most university environments worldwide. The system allows everyone in the faculty to take turns becoming deans. Much of the behaviour of academics (cos they think they are the smartest people on earth...heheh) are similar to the ones described by Rob and Gareth above.

You may like to read his newsletter which I have added to my links. Today is the last day I am at the office before the Eid Mubarak holidays. I should be back in KL and at the office by next wednesday ( I guess...unless of course there are interesting things to do in Kuantan..hihi). But, rest assured that my blog will be updated as usual. Thanks Ade for your raya wishes, and to everyone else who took the trouble to visit and read my blog, selamat hari raya and if you are travelling, drive safely....

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