Thursday, August 23, 2007

I was browsing the net today, downloaded the wharton school alumni newsletter (summer 2007) and then accidentally went to the GSE website...and this was what I saw and read (below). Approaching 50 years of independence, we now talk of studies in ethnic relations, but look at the US, after over more than 200 years of independence...they still continue to grapple with race relations, biases, prejudices, and use more politically-correct terms like minority I guess there's really hope in us redefining, re-engineering our society so that we can continue to achieve unity in for thought eh? heheh

THE CHRONICLES OF HIGHER EDUCATION: Graduate School of Education, Pennsylvania State University
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Who's Biased Now?
Recently one of my students — an African-American woman — came to my office with a disturbing question: Had I given her an A on a paper she wrote for my "History of Higher Education" course because she was a member of a minority group? Shocked by her question, I asked her why that idea had occurred to her. She answered, "I shared my graded paper with a white student whom I trust, and she said there wasn't anything special about it and that you must have given me the grade because you like students of color." At first I was speechless — stunned and angry. But at the same time I wondered what she must be feeling, and what experiences she had had that made her so mistrustful.

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