Saturday, August 18, 2007


The afternoon of thursday,august 15, I was at crowne plaza mutiara hotel (former KL Hilton) by accident. HeiTech was a diamond sponsor to a IT security conference attended by many CIOs from various sectors both private and public. I was there at the wrong(right?) time and was roped in to give a 5 minute closing thank you remark to the well over 300 delegates. I said thank you to everyone on behalf of HeiTech, for the opportunity to sell our new Tier IV compliant disaster recovery and data centre at bukit jelutong and in a jest said that we forgot to screen diehard 4.o on our brand new LCD screeen...hahaha. Before I got off the rostrum...which normally I will until I have spoken for at least 45 minutes !!! hahaha...I reminded everyone of risks and exposures we all have to live with...however..the trick is to know the RIGHT EXPOSURE...which I then related to a story of a professor who was bathing in the River Cherwell in Oxford, at a place called Parson's Pleasure, in which it was the custom to swim naked. As the professor got out of the pool a punt of undergraduettes glided by, whereupon he grabbed his towel and wrapped it round his head.....heheh... the last thing i heard..after about a 2 second silence....a roaring laughter from the floor....hahaha.


Beyb said...

I love the last part of the story about that Proffesor..heheheeh lawak..I can imagine mamat-mamat dengan minah-minah kat situ sure gelak guling..Anyway well done u!!!


Genie In A Harem said...

Harlooo.. sibuk suruh tengok pic, tapi satu jek. U pesan kat si mamat cameraman tu, bila leh tengok pics semua?? Amik aje, no sharing ka?? Let's party dude!!