Wednesday, August 15, 2007

BURSA MALAYSIA/MAICSA listing requirements update Roadshow at Sime Darby Convention Center

Today I attended the roadshow by Bursa Malaysia. Not so boring. Quite informative, illuminating and entertaining at some point by my favourite speaker Cng Boon Huat the enforcement chief of bursa malaysia hehehe. The speaker on Investor Relations I would him low marks for his powerpoint slides, speaks sooo monotonously I couldn't realy figure out what he was mumbling away....and can you imagine? he was trying to sell us what investor relations is all about...hmmmm. The last speaker on CSR...corporate social responsibility was ok...macam cikgu atau law lecturer bercakap...rambling away her verbal diarrhoea...hahaha...sounds familiar and very academic at times...well still much too rethoric to me lah...hihi


2006 IPR Lawyers Alumnus said...

Hey boss,

You should have told me earlier that you do have a lively blog!


Alam Setia said...


singgah sekejap disini. pertama kali baca.