Saturday, August 18, 2007

ABER Malaysia hosts dinner for Lord Morgan at Putrajaya Lake Club

On aug 15, i got a call from Fariz's PA inviting me to join the simple dinner to host Lord Professor Kenneth Owen Morgan and his daughter Catherine. Catherine is head of strategy branch (assets, savings and wealth team) at HM Treasury, London. The dinner was hosted by the current committee of the Aber alumni malaysia. Not many, as usual, turn up. I always try to attend all of aber functions even though i am not an aberite myself. the long relations i had with the university of wales at aberystwyth made most people think that i am an aberite hahaha. the malaysian alumni has made me an honorary fellow and that OSA at aberystwyth has recognised that.... so whenever i attend the easter reunions at aberystwyth, i too attend the OSA AGMSs and committee meetings with the malaysian alumni president....heheh.

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