Monday, September 22, 2008

RCAR2008...some eclectic fotoblog...dah malas...Bonjour..hehe

Lucina Espinosa, Jennifer Accosta Huato, Maurico Ruiz Correa, me, Joes Aurello Ramalho, Daniela Costa Almeda,Giovanna Petrabon, and Catalina Preito, waiting for the coach to take us for the farewell dinner aboard a yatch crusing the scenic River Seine in the middle of Paris with a night view of the Eiffel Tower...hehe

Antonino Arrigo (MD CESTAR Italy), Ignacio Juarez Perez (MD CESVIMAP,Spain), me (MD MRC Malaisie), Jose Manual Carcano (Centro Zarazoga) and Angel MArtinez Alvarez (Directeur-General CESVI Mexico)

with my latino frens, squatting is Victor Orihuela (CESVI Mexico)...

Tapani Alaviin (Finland) and his wife , retiring secretary-general RCAR Michael A Smith and pardon excuse hehe

Andrew Miller, THATCHAM UK's Director of Research taking through the salient features of RCAR's future Strategic Direction at the final day of the global meet in Paris

montmartre street

picasso wannabes at montmartre..hehe

modern day picasso waiting for someone to draw...haha ...a visit to paris without taking the funiculaire train up the montmartre, would utterly be incomplete..hehe

again, another picasso trying to finish his monumental oil painting..hehe

if you like history, don't forget Versailles, where the refinement and eclecticism of Marie-Antoinette, emphasises her way of living and freedom of thought that was inspired by enlightenment theories (unlike templer's conspiracy theories at rennes de chateau which is further way at the pyranees...hehe). No wonder eventually both she and King Louis XVI was beheaded ..hmmmm

my 2nd and final country report/research paper at the global meeting...

sharing with fellow RCAR members (26 insurance-backed research centres from 19 countries) our efforts at eradicatiing cut&joint vehicles in malaysia...

MRC is a member of the international P-Safe committee...

where the week-long meeting is being held in Paris, the Groupama HQ, France's largest insurer

Earnest Hemingway (the famous novelist) joint at REIMS, champagne district, about 2 hours out of Paris on the way to Brussels, Prague, Budapest..

On wednesdays, the children in France don't go to schools. Its their day out visiting agricultural exhibits in town. France is, like other european nations, a predominantly agrarian society and the fabric of their social and economic activity is still very much cooperative-based...industrial sector aside..

the new secretary-general of RCAR, Wilf Bedard of Canada, in deep thought during proceedings...

also in deep thought, Fabian Pons, gerenti-generale CESVI Argentina, ramalho CESVI Brasil and steering committee chairman, Robert McDonald of AIG, Australia...

yucks...ya ya..that's where I break my fast almost everyday...turkish kebabs...ok aah...can't complain..quite tasty actually...hahaha

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