Monday, September 29, 2008

of depression and retirement?...

Testing my samsung omnia 5 megapixel fon camera. That's how cluttered my private desk is...haha. Slightly relieved as I just emailed my regular column at bodyshopnewsAsia in Sydney. Still one more to go for them and two more I promised Datuk A Kadir Jasin for his Malaysian Business. Lepas Raya lar kot. It's 3.05 AM here at Kelana Jaya, Quiet as I think most people dah balik kampong. Seems like bailouts by governments are becoming fashionable yet again haha. Paulson the US treasury secretary tersengeh tadi on CNN/BBCWorld happy that the bailout of AIG got approval from both democrats and republicans. In the UK, another bank is nationalised joining the ranks of Northern Rocks. This is really the year of bear sterns, freddie mae, merrill lynch, lehman brothers and AIG...ok ok..I shal not spoil your hari raya mood with all the financial crisis and possible meltdowns...probably worse than The Great Depression of 1929. As Kennneth Gailbraith once said 'Men have been swindling other men. But in the autumn of 1929, men succeeded in swindling themselves!' Just wanna share with you an email I received from Michael Smith, secetary-general of RCAR on his retirement. We wish him well, farewell my friend...

Dear Khaeruddin,

You will have seen my letter to all the RCAR Members thanking them for the wonderful presents we received in Paris . It really was very kind of everyone. However, I felt I should write to you to thank you for your personal kindness. The gift of the Pierre Balmain leather desk set was most generous and also it will be very useful. Very many thanks.

I was delighted that MRC were elected to full membership. I think this was a combination of the work that you are doing at present and also the very interesting presentations that you gave in Paris - although I only attended part of the Technical Conference it was the important part as I heard both your presentations.

Patricia joins me in wishing you and your wife the very best for the future. I know you have your own retirement coming up in a few years and I hope that that goes very well. I can certainly recommend the additional time one gets after stopping full time work.

Very kind regards,


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