Monday, November 04, 2013

MMB or Monday Management Babble...hehehe

Not Monday Morning Blues (MMB) ok...hahahaha. Gotcha! Am still springkleening haha. I have this bad habit of jotting down or writing it somewhere, whenever I come across some interesting quotes especially on management and/or leadership.

The first one is by Mr Pfeffer
Managers frequently misunderstood the sources of corporate success according to Pfeffer. Contrary to conventional wisdom, he observes, there is nothing magical about being in the 'right' industry, about being large, about being global or even having a barrier to competition in the form of some technological edge or brand equity he rambles on (please take note of this o ye my MBA strategic management students past and present...hehehe). With the right attitude to people, you can be successfully small, local and 'low tech' says Pfeffer, which I couldn't agree more, kind Sir!

The next one is from Charles F Kettering:

"I don't want people of experience working for me. The experienced person is always telling me why something can't be done. He/she is smart; intelligent;he/she thinks he/she knows the answers. The fellow who has not had any experience is so dumb he/she doesn't know a thing can't be done - and he/she goes ahead and does it."

The last one is from Tun Daim, extracted from a forward he wrote in his daughter's first book:

"My greatest satisfaction is to see young entrepreneurs emerge in this complex corporate world. My mind switches swiftly to the tough days of yore when I was struggling to make a mark in the business world, just after i retire from the civil service. The essentials remain unchanged, today, tomorrow, like yesterday, you need to: study, see, seize, strategize, scrutinize, slog away. One must be able to think on your feet and make quick decisions. Yet have the patience to build and not be lured by get-rich-quick dreams."

That's it. Have a great week ahead fellas. Many I suspect would be away from the office today as tomorrow is Awal Muharram holidays,  the first day of the new year in the muslim calendar and last night Pahang won the football match at Shah Alam stadium..hehehe.  I am off to Pelangi Meritus Langkawi Resort tomorrow morning until November 7, to  co-chair the Inaugural ASEAN Corporate Governance Summit 2013...

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