Thursday, February 26, 2009

dahulu, sekarang dan selamanyer?.....hehe

ya ya ya ya i have not been blogging. I won't get unduly upset (evil wink) if you stopped visiting my blog all because I have not updated or written anything for the last 11 days or so. Nothing new or nice to write about honestly. I decided not to be part of the statistics of doom prophets, gloom harry, worried-sick john doe, or hopeless lemans or alleged fraudulent maddoffs and the sir allens...hahaha. I saw Obama's spirited 'we shall overcome the challenge and emerge stronger' speech on CNN and BBCWorld. We hear of increasing frequency of plane crashes. That's scary, which makes me begin to rethink of the old statistical assumption that flying is alot safer than being in your car or automobile on the way to Chicago airport! hahaha.
Otherwise, the last 10 days or so has been filled up with meetings bloody meetings. Board, audit committees, remuneration bla bla bla. Then there are other NGO stuff like IPPM and the second 'WACANA' we are organising slotted for end march tentatively. I have also been co-opted into the BLM taskforce (MAICSA) haha...meetings again, time consuming .and that's not including other things like giving a guest lecture to final year business undergrads at UIA, being asked to represent the group to receive a silver award at a professional institute dinner, at the eleventh hour! hahaha...but you know? Always this obliging long as the venue got class and the food...great (evil wink) hahahaha. I owe a few people/places papers, articles...oh my gawd! what have I done to myself? I hope I have not overstretched my brain. I wished I was on that flight to london last night. Especially when TSA offered to foot the bill (minus of course, the airticket lar...that... I can use my enrich points...plenty still unused...some will be purged or gone if I don't use by dec 2009 hehe). But despite all the above, its a nice feeling that your little outfit showed a 61% improvement on the PAT for 2008 performance (evil wink) isn't it? We are all off to Awana this weekend (tomorrow onwards) to critically dissect our position, dahulu, sekarang dan selamanya.....hehehe (no, no, no...please don't associate us with any political party...wink wink wink...evil wink) hahaha. Enjoy the coming weekend folks...until my further update....cheerio.

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