Wednesday, April 29, 2009

would you have stopped and given a helping hand?...

Earlier today I was told by a friend who is a company secretary of a large banking group that she helped someone who met with an accident yesterday morning on her way to the office. This poor lady (not my friend but the victim) was in her myvi and she had just rammed into a concrete pillar near the LRT station near the A&W PJ. It happened almost immediately after dropping off her husband at the LRT station. She was trying to avoid another car. Her car was smashed she was injured and was shouting for help and nobody came to help her. There were people around but they just looked. And guess what? 3 matsalehs (kwailos) who were in a taxi, alighted and came to her aid. Soon afterwards my fren came and helped her, picked her handbag and stuff, wiped the blood off her face, calmed her down so she could call her husband. Still, the rest of the people, just looked and didn't bother to help. Some just came to my fren and ask her 'eh akak, apsal ek?' Hey, what's happening to us? Apa dah jadi? I thought we malaysians are friendly, courteous, helpful always willing to lend a helping hand? What happened to all that? Malaysia truly Asia? What, what? ape dah jadi nie? What if the same thing happened to members of your family? Owh well, I am sure there are hundreds of explanations (evil wink). The poor lady's husband who arrived later, nak jadikan cerita, haha, turned out to be my fren's office mate who is now at another site. My fren had never met his wife.
Moral of story? not many people wants to help or get involved in accidents these days. Is it fear? Indifference? Attitude? Global Phenomena? or just plain 'i do my thing, u do your thing' lets not cross each other's path...times are please, i don't wanna get into unnecessary problems kinda tingy...hmmm...think about it? if something similar happens to you....text or call me immediately..(the fact that you have my handphone number means that you consider me a fren...and the least I cud do, iz alert the necessary authorities or the nearest available assistance...(wink)....errrm on second thoughts...they may all be worried of WHO level 4 alert on swine flu (hehe)...2 points closer to a global pandemic. have a great week ahead folks.


Sukumaran Nair said...

My dear Friend,

Remember the story we read in primary school about a nomad in the desert who helped a man, who then beat him and took his horse...the nomad only asked for one thing;that the man would not relate this incident to anyone as then others would not help anyone else who was in trouble. According to the story, the man repented, I think. Unfortunately, such cases of "repent" will, I believe, NEVER be seen again in Malaysia as a norm, instead of exception, given the current attitudes that prevail. Reasons for such attitudes? A major upheaval in the thinking and attitude of an entire generation carried out, consciously or unconsciously,in households, classrooms and communities due to several identifiable factors. Change will require "MAJOR SURGERY",my friend. Alas, may not even begin in our lifetimes.

Khaeruddin Sudharmin said...

it seems we are never short of arab stories aah bro? whn small they tell us the arab highwaymen story. then when we work we r alwys to be mindful of another arab story (my favourite actually) about the arab and his camel. one night out in d cold clear skyless moonlit nite, the camel whispered to his boz the arab "tuan, my ears are damn cold. wud mind if i put my head inside yr tent? arab say wokey mo mantai...soon afterwards camel said boz my legs are chilly can i put them inside? arab still, kesian meh, say ok. next thing u knw, the arab in outside the tent and the camel is inside the tent! we seen situations like this aplenty in both corporate and public err i mean public life...LOL hahaha...but u sure do have choices rite? whether to be in the 'hopless resignation' club or in the ' spluttering resistance' group....(evil wink)