Friday, April 17, 2009

an academic breakfast?...hehe

The AIM Alumni in Malaysia was to have visited Cotabato, Mindanao early this month but due to unforseen circumstances, the trip had to be deferred. YBhg Dato' Syed Ahmad idid (2nd from left...retired High Court Judge of Malaya) however, went ahead with the trip and gave a public lecture on good governance at Cotabato. This morning the Alumni and academics from the faculty of business and management UITM honured Prof Abhoud (seated fourth from left) with a 'fairly heavy' (hehe) breakfast at UiTM Hotel before sending him off to the airport. As usual, I was inconveniently not forgotten to be invited (hahaha). I then rushed off to attend MIM's CEO Forum and Awards at the Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur. (details next posting...hehe)

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