Sunday, April 12, 2009

death race...the movie

"2012 - the US economy collapse. Unemployment hits a record high, crime rates spiral out of control, the prison system reaches breaking point. Private corporations now run all correctional facilities for profit. Terminal Island Penitentiary streams a series of cage fights live on the internet. They are the new gladiators and Terminal Island is their Coliseum ...

(hrmmm...I miss my Coliseum Cafe Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman sizzling steak! hahaha).

But like the mobs of ancient Rome, the modern audience soon become bored...they demand more... "

no no no... hold your horses. That's just a movie opening script hahaha! I love this DVD bought for me by one of my DVD 'supplier' (Richard - my senior database build administrator). Its called Death Race with The Transporter star Jason Statham as its lead role. I love watching damn good quality DVDs on my new VAIO Z series with Blue Ray Disc player (hehe). Sundays are good days to catch up on lost time, missed movies, in the privacy of your study. I just saw James Bond's Quantum of Solace also on DVD. My favourites are still The Last Samurai and Alien vs Predators. Really great cinematography. Of course there are others. Enjoy the rest of the weekend folks.

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