Sunday, June 22, 2008

why bad boys get the girls....jeng3x

Come on is sunday ok? relax, loosen up. Tis my 2nd blogpost for the day. I checked out The Scribe..hehe and my good friend Datuk A Kadir Jasin seems to have also loosened up and apparently they are continuing to discuss 'koro' hahaha. Some of his participants complained about obsessions with discussions on politics, which he (datuk) politely offering his explanation. Even when I checked out Pahit Manis (Tok Mat kita), I detected a little weariness and fatigue. The little inadvertent typo errors here and there do indicate...hehe. After over 100 days, political blogs overload seems to continue to be the order of the day. The Sabah Yong fellow saga, Obama, rising oil & food prices, global write-downs of the US subprime aftermath, global credit crunch affecting construction industries the world over..bla bla calling and racist labelling...hmmm...the list goes on.... BUT hehe...this report on today's NST: why bad boys get the girls...caught my attention. Do read the scanned report above (if you have not already done so..hahaha).
The report starts by saying it is something most nice guys have learned by bitter experience - bad boys (and rich too I must add..hahaha) tend to get the girls. So, are you a nice guy or what? In any case the report ended up by Dr Gayle Brewer (Evolutionary Psychologist at The University of Central Lancashire) saying: nice guys need not lose all hope because, while women tend to like cads for flings, they usually settle down with more caring types....hahahaha.

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