Sunday, June 08, 2008

sometimes we do miss our friends...

Jeff (Jaafar Abdul Rahman, was with Volvo, Celcom, last known place of work Infineon..hehe) Datuk Paduka Major (Rtd) Bakri, Paul A. Milne (our lovable scottish director of studies and his welsh wife), Dr Ab Jamal, our motorola guru, Elaine Kong (now Training head sutera harbour), the bejabuk me(hehe), Baidullah (ex-alliancebank HR chief) and Abdullah (former Deputy DG Lembaga Tembakau Negara)...some of our MBA graduating class of '94...leisurely walking to class. Hey guys, let's meet up ok? Some have retired, some are close to retirement...some well..never retire 'cos that word do not exist in their vocabulary. Some cannot retire, even though they would love to, 'cos their kids are still at school hahaha. If you happen to drop by and see this blogpost of mine, please o please tell our other classmates we should meet up soon as we may just be heading towards expression derived from Hebrew and signifying a complex of turbulence, anarchy and confusion....or to quote Lord Cameron of Dillington, first head of the Countryside Agency set up by the former British PM Tony Blair...that ...we're just 9 meals away from anarchy'.

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Beyb said...

Your new word is TOHUBOHU.