Thursday, March 13, 2008

of tsunamis,shashimis & topups....

My last blogpost was a few days ago. Much has taken place since. One significant event to note was that the country experienced a second tsunami sort of heheh. No, no.... not coming from either side of the eastern or western seaboards of our glorious peninsula or the malaysian borneo, but a tsunami effect if you may, gushing out from streams of malaysians who came out to vote at our recent 12th general erections...hahaha. I promised not to make any political comment in my blog but will make an exception this time (only this time) around but even then, I must reiterate, that it is not MY comment (heheh) ...only that I will publish a comment from a dear friend who texted it to me (LOL)...and it goes like this: "...why they lost: my analysis...
1. too much focus on Kelantan, orang lain pun ndak jugak! jadi orang menyampah;
2. they have come to a stage where their downlines were arrogant;
3. the melinggam case is real, even the layman understand, although no conclusive deductions have been made, people reacted; ..." and a few other a bit sensitive which I prefer not to quote him at this point in time...hahaha.
Thats the tsunami bit, the shashimi bit? Hmmm didn't the pix above whet your appetite? (LOL). That was buffet lunch at sheraton towers singapore. Great buffet they got there! Damn good dessert spread too! Value for money! and yes, you can have a damn good nasi lemak still in singapore for 2 dollars! ( burgernomic comparison ok? please don't convert lah!). I wuz on a day trip recently. Drove down to JB, then went through the awesome process normal folks/citizens/commoners/commuters do daily and O my gawd! what a humbling experience. I tell you fellas, these are the people, those who walk, queue, take turns, board buses, MRTs, topup their prepaid cards, they will be the ones who will be very likely to survive, should war break out ( go see the panic stricken citizens in wil smith's movie 'I am legend' hehe). Great re-education for me as I approach my retirement hahaha. A far cry from the usual arrogant & obnoxious business class, premium airlines, and bloody pampered travel arrangements one has been accustomed to, while under the illusion of priviledge and 'borrowed power' heheh. I look forward to other pre-retirement re-education programs (plenty I should think). Care to join me in those adventures, oh well, escapades are more like it? ...hahahaha

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