Sunday, March 02, 2008

an aura of hams** karisma....hahaha

I was sharing some stuff with Tengku Joshua and I like the way he crystallized all that was said...thus..the title for this blogpost. Jonathan Yang in his book 'Rough guide to Blogging: Navigate the blogosphere' said somewhere inside that book of his, is that sustainability or staying power of people who writes or blogs diligently and with discipline...are endangered species. Most eventually fade away at best become Tyrannosaurus at the Jurrasic Park eventually....hahaha.
Just to summarise the week that was, everything else was on hold cos we had audit comm, remuneration committee, and full board meeting (whether u like it or hello...i am still group corporate secretary of HeiTech Padu Berhad ok? until otherwise notified officially to me and to Bursa Malaysia..heheh *wink*). Then on friday 29th march I obliged CN by attending his partner program with ITD/Hewlett Packett at Awana Genting. After the boring slide presentations (heheh) it was karaoke till 1 AM...thank gawd the golf game next morning had to be abandoned because of intense fog and zero visibility...hahaha. Then saturday nite was a family dinner (my sister-out-law's besday...hahaha). A long table of about 25 pax, grandchildren incuded, heheh. Not a free dinner mind you. I had to sing a song for the besday gurl heheh. Of course, there were other regular guest singers too..hahaha. As though the karaoke session the night before at awana wasn't enuf!! hu-hu. And this morning...what? another heavy meal? yeah you bet! this time it was salero nogori, hartamas branch...forgot to take shots ofthose tatlising dishes favourite green cili sambal padang/minang style must have mde me forgot everything else...heheh
To top off eveything else that I have said, nothing beats the satisfaction that I had, in my own little way, made someone got out of their loneliness, or who had felt like a loser, feeling empty and useless. I hope a multiplier effect will be triggered and that that 'million dollar smile' of yours will also change the lives of a million other people around them ( i hope you are reading this ya? hihi)....

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