Saturday, December 19, 2009

shanghai joe...

Automechanika Shanghai 2009

winter at west lake hangzhou

After the privacy statement I made recently, I just got a little lazy to blog. Now I am not too sure if I had done the right thing. I mean, it was good in a sense, like a wake up call so you won't be doing things you thought was ok but it was not ok for others. Now I am not sure if I want to share photos of my travels. Maybe I should say less, and share less too perhaps. What's the point of sharing when others don't believe in sharing? (wink). Some even think or say out loud that you're showing off! I am confused.

Anyway, see? I am beginning to even lose my relaxed and jovial writing style..haha. Beginning to be rather serious and conscious if anyone will sue me...hehe. Where was i? oh yes I was invited to speak at Automechanika Shanghai recently. 3 of us from Malaysia sharing the collision industry experience. China has its own peculiarities, style and they have the critical mass from within and really need not bother about other markets so to speak.

This is my first visit to Shanghai. The last time I was in China was in 1999, Urumqi and Turfan in Sinkiang Northwest China autonomous area. While in Shanghai I thought it would be a good idea to visit Hangzhou as well (the favourite winter retreat of Emperors throughout thousands of years of various dynasties and of course a favourite retreat for chairman Mao too I was told).

But the more interesting are the tales, legends, stories our english-speaking tour guide (graduate of Zhe Jiang University...the 3rd oldest university in China) shared with us. I particularly like the story of the white snake lady...hehe. Its freezy this time of year at west lake, hangzhou..(go google it if you want to read more)... I need some sleep now before pushing off tomorrow morning for a short family break hehe. Oh yes, I will narrate that white snake lady story in my next posting...nanait my frens, and enjoy the long weekend.


farahaznil said...

ho ho ho..please..please make sure u dont loss ur jovial style..hahhaa..if not..there is no more interesting story in ur blog..alah..just put ur picture suda..takpun blank kan aje face2 yg xnak didehkan tu...ho ho ho..edit sana sini..

Khaeruddin Sudharmin said...

hahaha ok ok..i will do that. sebenarnya dah malas dah tawar ati. tapi selepas baca komen u, haa semangat datang balik hahaha. tq tq tq. ok i will continue my jovial, santai bersahaja style of jotting my journal/stories/anecdotes and occasional politically correct (wink2x) comments..oops ...erk..hehehe