Saturday, July 18, 2009

who says management accountants are a boring lot?

Last monday july 13, I was invited to the opening ceremony of CIMA or short for the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, World Conference 2009. The previous being held in Sri lanka. You may ask 'what the hell are you doing with CIMA?'
Well, I have been involved with CIMA since the days when Ben Morais (who is retired now) was divisional director. I was invited to give a short lecture to the staff then, somewhat a combination of indirect motivation (sort of hehe) some new information or new perspectives or ways of looking at things, if you like, from an outsider rather than from the divisional director. I was deputy chairman, MEG (Malaysia Employer Group, a committee specially set up by CIMA to encourage employer relations and forge links for purposes of training, attachments oh well, more so to enhance employability of CIMA graduates).
Somehow rather when a new divisional director took over, his or her focus was elsewhere and the MEG 's role was very much down played, which I understand perfectly. I do however continue to maintain close links with CIMA Malaysia. In fact a few years ago I was invited to give an inaugural lecture series in strategic management at the KL Renaissance Hotel.
Enuf of that, lets get back to this world conference. There were 600 delegates where 20% constitute those from other CIMA centres globally. Looking at a glance, it would appear that there is no recession as far as training, conferences et al are concerned, right? (wink) Hey, look again...these guys are CIMA grads and mostly are CFOs, Finance Directors, MDs or CEOS....the buck stops at their feet ok?...hahaha. They decide if you can use the budget or otherwise (evil wink). So, your guess, as always haha, is as good as mine.
Having said that, I think Sopiah Suid, the current divisional director did a marvellous job putting up the great show in these really trying times. She had great support from tourism malaysia, among others. Have a great weekend ya all....

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