Friday, July 24, 2009

Media Relations dan Kawasan2 yang Sewaktu dengannya...

Last Tuesday I chaired a Media Relations Conference 2009 at Istana Hotel Kuala Lumpur. About 30 delegates from Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia. A good set of speakers and attendees. Corporate media (corp communications, PR et al) people, media consultants, ex and existing print media people were also present. More of scanning the current industry scenario and how 'new media' (facebook, twitter, blogs etc etc) is impacting the industry and the A&P expenditure.

Some interesting notes presented by some industry expert, was that, globally there has been an observable increase in online above and below the line expenditure in online (new media) rather than in print of traditional media like TV for instance. Most advanced countries are registering above 20% mark while malaysia apparently, is still below the 1.4% mark.

Another interesting data that was disclosed at the conference was that, more than 87% of the malaysian chinese population read their own vernacular newspapers! Less than 10% read NST or Star, only those english-educated). Interesting information for strategists and planners...

As usual I try to manage the conference according to the time schedule except for the last paper of the day...I told him he got 25 minutes but he actually overshot his time by one hour 15 minutes. I didn't have the heart to stop him cos I saw the delegates were like sooo attentive to what the fella was sharing and he enticed them to ask for more with his case studies (wink) bugger... while at the same time angling for some business hahaha. He was selling his skill and expertise yes, but I must acknowledge the fact that he is good. I enjoyed every one of the presenters and their presentations. I was also updating my own knowledge bank, if you like..

Have a great weekend folks!

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