Friday, April 27, 2007

Tomorrow is by-er(l?)ection day for Ijok...hahaha. am not about to become a political writer, economist or observer...heheh. I mentioned it because the opposition candidate happens to be someone I know personally and I used to work for the same organization that is still a stratgic vehicle and custodian of bumiputera corporate stakes, cake or whatever one may choose to call it.....lets ge back to other corporate talk-talk...heheh. Last month I was invited attend the 39th homecoming and reunion of the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) Makati, Metro Manila. In conjunction with the celebrations was an asian business conference (ABC) and had the chance of being in person with Dr Murthy the second richest and most important ICT guy to watch after in the world after Bill Gates. I believe AIM needs fresh pespectives if it is going to survive in the coming decades vis-a-vis the current global management education scenario. Frankly, the new President of AIM,Estrada, need more than luck to turnaround AIM and bring it back to its former glory. I was priviledged to have listened to his acceptance speech at the investiture ceremony . while at manila, the Malaysian contingent also made a courtesy call to our envoy. At the friday prayer congregation at the Indonesian Embassy, bumped into Laksmana Datuk Ramlan, our new Malaysian Navy Chief.

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