Monday, April 23, 2007

hmmm it really is a consistently update one's blog. Thelast two weeks have been filled with so many high-powered weddings. the time now is 2.20 am monday morning april 24th, 2007. A few hours ago was Tan Sri Arshad's youngest son's wedding reception at Sheraton Subang. I came in a little earlier to help out with receiving VVIP/VIP guests. 3 sultans attended. The Sultan of Selangor, Sultan and Sultanah Pahang, Raja and Permasuri Perlis and the whos who in town but mostly academics and old friends. Finance Minister II Tan Sri Nor Yackop and Puan Sri was also there as well as the nation's Chief Justice. Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, Tan Sri Thong Yaw Hong, Tan Sri Zuki, Tan Sri Azman Hashim, Datuk Johan Jaafar, Datuk Saleh Majid, Datuk Rafiah Salim VC UM, Datuk Sharifah Habshah VC UKM, Datuk Zukifli VC UTM, Tan Sri Anwar Ali, Agil Natt, Tan Sri Sulaiman Daud, Datuk Pahamin Rejab, Datuk Seri Ibrahim Shah VC UiTM, Datuk Bhaskaran Pillay and a number of foreign guests from aberystwyth and senegal... and many other tan sris and datuks too many to mention.....hahaha
April 2 was Dato' Mohd Hilmey's third daughter's wedding reception at the shangri-la hotel, guest of honour was sultan pahang. Datuk Siti Nurhaliza and hubby Datuk K was spotted at that wedding. April 6 was Datuk Abu Samah"s reception. Guest of honour was Tun Mahathir and TYT Yang DiPertuan Negeri Melaka Tun Khalil Yaacob. April 14 was Tan Sri Abi Musa's son wedding reception at Fela Perdana Ballroom, and april 8 was Sabri's son's wedding reception at sime darby convention centre. Sabri's do wuz unique and special and very malaysian and a blend of borgeouis and proletariat crowd with people from the rank of mechanics to tvmen to ministers....the attraction and what made the difference was, i think, the wayang kulit (shadow play).
Weddings can be very tiring physically and financially (hihi). But the good side is, you get to meet old long lost friends or make new ones as well. I have had my share of being the 'nudak2 penanggah' at kampong weddings when I was much younger those days at the kampongs. I miss the traditional ways weddings are planned and conducted. The ways are all gone, well mostly now. There aren't many young men to mange and operate wedding functions the way it used to be. Nowadays, it's buffet-style all the way whetherto the ordinary or the rich and famous...except if it is a sitdown dinner at hotels or special wedding venues. Wedding receptions have also become big business and have created a few really innovative and creative wedding planners...if you afford it, that is...hihi. Well, so much for weddings!
On saturday morning, april 21, 2007, i was invited to officiate an excellence awards ceremony and the PIBG annual general meeting at SBPI bandar indera mahkota kuantan. The reception i got was awesome. as sson as i got out of my car, kompang was played (macam YB jer...hahaha), then i was ask to do a cadet inspection (i felt like a general...hahaha), and when i finally gave my speech to officiate...i felt like i was running for a politician...hahaha. they have asked me for a copy of my keynote address...which i need to re-edit before i eail it to the school... heheh. well, it was a hectic week actually...its 3 am now but i dont feel sleepy. must be the durians i took this afternoon...hahaha...ok time to go now....

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