Saturday, February 01, 2014

much ado about...hmm many many things...hahaha

I am behind in my blogposts. Sorry haha. Plenty to write, to share to be critical, intellectual, cynical or political. Now that I am  free agent sort off.. I am tempted to get political haha. But for now I think I shall remain apolitical until such times as is absolutely necessary. 

What I would like to do is give tribute to one of my former bosses Royal Professor Ungku A Aziz or fondly known in Malaysia as Pak Ungku. Then comment on two books I got. One is in malay written by former UTM VC Datuk Professor Zaini Ujang and the other one is the late Tan Sri Nordin Sophiee former ISIS Director-General and CEO. I'll do it later..soon. hehehe

In Kuantan now, enjoying the great cool weather, strange actually. I grew up, my early years in Kuantan and being by the seaside it is humid and can be so hot that it makes one become dark hahaha. It's the chinese new year holidays. Will drive back to Kuala Lumpur sunday. Yes, tomorrow is sunday.

Wishing all my Han friends wherever you are all over the world, happy Chinese New Year or Gong Xi Fa the year of the Horse, 2014... 

I have plenty to write, but I thought I should learn some more new tricks like updating videos etc etc hahaha.  Oh oh the call for prayer is already heard.. we blog again later later.. cheers fellas..

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