Sunday, April 14, 2013

Where have you been? ...

Bored? Itching? Craving? Clarion call? Whatever you want to call it. Yes yes yes..I do feel the urge to be back here. Write something. Update my blogpost. Before I get really rusty and can't write anymore or even if I do..before it culminates into a load know what..haha..BS. Yes yes..I know you are imagining a whole load of BS oozing out from my fingers...hehehe

Ok ok.. Here I am folks. I am back. In my literati mode. Not that many people are reading my piece anyway but who cares. I just want to jot down some of the things I have done, asked to do or reluctantly had to do hahaha.  Some probably must have thought I have decided to disappear into oblivion or became a hermit somewhere at the Himalayas or better still..after my mandatory retirement...I died...huhuhu.

Sorry to disappoint some of you but I am pretty much alive and say the least. Busier in fact post September 15, 2010 haha.  Still gainfully employed. But my life so an excellent balance between the corporate world and academia. Am still group corporate secretary of a public listed company and managing director and chief executive of  the national custodian of an industry database.

Some people golf, some super bike over the weekends but I am still passionate spending the weekends having a lively debate/intellectual discourse with my MBA students. Looks like I will be teaching more and more postgraduate students. I am an adjunct professor at a university in the east coast and an advisory board member of  a graduate school of a northern university and still being called upon to give keynote addresses, chair or moderate sessions, present papers or panelists at international  or domestic conferences both academic and nonacademic...

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