Sunday, February 14, 2010

...of lunar, valentine and sex education?

My last blogpost was december 30th 2009. I had a few text messages reminding me, scolding me (haha) for not updating. I said haiyya..busy lor...year end, then new year with all the trappings of a new year which I am sure all of us are non too familiar? (wink).

No, I didn't deliberately chose Valentine's Day (incidentally it's also Chinese New Year today..and whoala here comes the Tiger at last after a rather Rattantoule year, last year! (wink2x) to start my blog again after like about almost 2 months?

An old dear friend from across the causeway sent me a valentine day wish (huh?) email and attached this extract from a UK textbook on sex education haha... which I thought I should share with all of you my friends (hope I won't get sued for re-publishing it..erk). Well, at least it has some form of continuity with my last posting where I dabbled into some form of 'sensitive' home management issues hahaha. It did trigger some sort of agreement and disagreement but that is to be expected. To perhaps fuel futher discourse to the last posting I made, I am taking the liberty of uploading this old textbook page on the subject that perhaps too, lend further credibility to male chauvinism (I know some feminists will love to note my support to the cause of women...hahaha go go go..get those top jobs girl!!!..hahaha wink3x).

Please read it and tell me what you think.

I dunno. Are girls much happier then, then they are now? You see? Even happiness is a relative term haha. Thanks to Einstein and relativism haha. Tell me honestly ladies (if you are reading my post) would you prefer to lead a life your grandma and mum led, in those days or you rather prefer the 'relatively' emancipated life women lead the world over (in some places lar not all ok? haha)these days? wink.

Please don't get me wrong. I wasn't implying that its better now or it was better then (wink). Some prefer to live in the past, while others thrive in the future hahaha.

And the guys...hey honestly (don't be a 'hippocrates' (erm isn't he the father of medicine? hhoho). C'mon tell me, would you prefer the wifey and your girls go through and adopt the advise above? Oh well, you may have your own 'edited versions' according to your own values and cultures (hehe) or you go with the flow? Think about it while you're quietly (or loudly haha) somewhere with your valentine...or having banana leaf brunch with your family during ChInese New Year?

No no no..I was not lazing around or meditating like a hermit at the Himalayas ok? I was hehe quite occupied...hmm like oozing out uninsured comments and remarks? hmmm at the recent CEO Panel Session at the Asia HR Summit 2010 at the Renaissance Kuala Lumpur and chaired a leadership track session at the same conference (wink). The 'unfinished battle' between various management functions... You know what most people in the other departments think of the HR department right? wink. Prove them wrong please or suggest to them go take a hike (VSS you mean? hahaha). Do enjoy the long break fellas. Don't do anymore what St Valentine probably did not or would not do? (wink2x)..and where's my Angpow packet?


Anonymous said...

instead of asking others, y don't u tell us what do u think?

Khaeruddin Sudharmin said...

i certainly will, tq but only if u will kindly identify yourself. Not fair isn't it? You being anonymous and all and me being transparent and everything you need to know about me be can easily be googled? wink3x...

Anonymous said...

that's fair enough. a good start. the code is 837737. BTW, a true gentleman will keep his word, won't he?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Sudharmin,

Partly, he/she wants to know your viewpoints. And partly, he/she may elucidate your viewpoints for references. This is Web 3.0. Anonymous can be everyone :)

(Anonymous too!)

farahaznil said...

haha..if the "sensetive one" reading ur blog again on this post..surely she will sen-sentap again... =p

kaw2 article -> "a man satisfaction is more important than a woman's"...erk..tak aci..muahahahaha

our lives must be balance la..the wifey look like servant meh if like that..hohoho..n can we call it is as happiness??hi hi hi..however different women different opinion..huhu

Anonymous said...

very well said, dear noris aka anonymous 6.08 pm. tq.

btw, mr sudharmin, r going to keep us waiting? (wink)


Anonymous said...

I like the part where the article, quote "..mindful that a man's satisfaction is more important than a woman's". Ahaa! this is where women always fake their reactions to get their men satisfied! But I don't think its happening today as women satisfaction is as important. I think men nowadays want their women to get the satisfaction first before they do as to prove that they can still do it!

Anonymous said...

wondering what's taking u so long? don't let the ladies wait. i am sure the gentlemen would also want to know. after all sharing is caring. ;p

shaken, not stirred

Khaeruddin Sudharmin said...

hahaha my profound apologies. sorry to keep u ladies and gentlemen waiting. its a long break maa. c'mon i need my deserved holidays too waaat? My thankless job well not a fultime one neway, is to juz provoke your thots. dets abt it (wink). I can't be sharing my 'personal' views on the subject i wrote. I have a choice to be totally detached from the subject area or be deeply and emotionally immersed in it (wink).

OK let me put it this way. I am still (i am sure i wrote it somewhere subtly in the post) of the view that water finds its own level. Some people are cast in stone with edwardian or victorian values and stiil would like to see people hehe going around in chastity belts oops. This is the 21st century. There is so much openness n transparency (or the demand for it) and people (men and women) the world over has access and the freedom of choice. There is a heightened interest everywhere about redefining ethics and morality . Personally, I am all for openness in sex education for example (you can google almost everythg n anythg these days,kan?), and the guide for girls in that 1960 textbook is ok as a guide (hehe) cos it might work for old-fashioned males and a delight to the contemporary ones too perhaps ( if they have been accustomed to garang-like females hahaha). correct me if i am wrong but different men have different preferences and so do women, therefore its rather not fair to generalise. like i said, some prefer the victorian ways, while some others eventually blend with the crowd (wink)..

Anonymous said...

bravo, that's the spirit. it's "OK" to let your guard down once in a while, dear o' brave victorian knight.

tq for sharing your thought. we do, somehow landed on the same page. (wink2x)


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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