Sunday, November 08, 2009

what do you call a man who has knowledge, skills but no ability? wink3x

Dr R Palan chairman & ceo of SMR group Malaysia refers to me as a 'HR blogger' after he read my blogpost on last year's PSMB (Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad) annual conference at Genting. Hahaha. No, I am not a HR blogger specific as such. Honestly I don't know which category I belong to. I am not a political or social science blogger (like RPK as such hahaha). I like to think I am just someone making candid remarks or observations in an eclectic manner, and just because HR or human capital development seems to be closer to my heart than the more brutal strategic management, doesn't make me a HR Blogger, Dr Palan! I don't even have a following, perhaps maybe just one or two casual or accidental visitors ahaks! (wink)

I was invited to moderate the first session/paper at a Competency Summit 2009 at holiday inn Malacca on Oct 27 recently bt Dr Palan's group. The session was led by a lady corporate HR vice president of a GLC. The topic was about competency management: the right time, right place something like that, which in my opening remark as chairman/moderateur, said, that it reminded me of my chartered institute of marketing days more than 3 decades ago and that today, as I often quip, we try to embed rocket science into practically all of the management functions, we even call it management science. So the notion and debate as to whether management is a science or art continues... dot dot dot.

I was however, successful in restraining myself from making inappropriate or politically incorrect jokes that morning (wink) like: if a man has knowledge, skills and ability...we call him 'competent' rite? Now, if a man has knowledge and skills...but no abilities...what would we call him then? hahahaha...give a good guess and pat yourselves on tthe back. Enjoy the rest of the weakend folks..Hahahaha...

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